April 24, 2011

Nanotechnology Market Reports

Dr Bojan Boskovic form the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (CNT Ltd) in Cambridge, UK and Dr Thomas Abraham from the Innovative Research and Products, Inc (iRAP, Inc.) in Stamford, USA have signed an agreement for the CNT Ltd to act as an distributor of the iRAP’s nanotechnology related market research reports.

March 13, 2011

Drug Delivery Conference

Dr Bojan Boskovic from the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd has been invited to present among the key speakers at The Future of Drug Delivery Systems: Advancing New Technologies & Partnering Strategies conference May 24th -25th 2011 in London organised by the Appel Consulting.

The objective of this conference is to provide communication, education and networking opportunities for scientists engaged in drug delivery whether in academia, biotech or industry. Attendees will hear world-class speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities within drug delivery systems.

The Drug Delivery Conference will encompass six scientific areas:

  •  Exploring research and development for transdermal drug delivery systems
  •  Nanotechnology & targeted drug delivery systems
  •  Innovation in pre-filled syringes & injectable technology
  •  Investigation into nasal & buccal drug delivery systems
  •  Business development & partnering management strategies
  •  New areas of drug delivery resulting from patent expirations

Dr Boskovic will give a talk Carbon Nanotubes for Drug Delivery Applications in the area of Nanotechnology & targeted drug delivery systems on the first day of the conference and a talk Consortium Building, Exploitation and Dissemination Management in the area Business development & partnering management strategies of on the second day of the conference.

For more information about the conference please download the conference brochure and follow the link on the Appel Consulting website: http://www.appelconsulting.co.uk/events/drug-delivery-1

The NanoPerspective Resources Guide

Information about the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd and its services has been published in The NanoPerspective Resources Guide that has been published by the NanoCentral and mailed to over 4000 targeted organisations and influential decision makers in January 2011. The Resource Guide is the listing of organisations within the global nanotechnology supply chain, ranging from research through product development to manufacture and supply, plus ancillary services such as legal, IP, consultancy and business finance. It is becoming the “Who’s Who” in the nanotechnology sector.

Please follow the link to download the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd advertisement published in the The NanoPerspective Resources Guide on page 54:

Banca Intesa Saopaolo – Start Up initiative

Dr Bojan Boskovic from the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd has been invited to join the group of investors, consultant and representatives from the end user companies and participate in the Investor Arena focusing on early-stage cleantech companies event in the Banca Intesa Saopaolo London Branch on 1 February 2011. The the Banca Intesa Saopaolo is committed to be engaged in acceleration innovation on R&D in early-stage companies. This event is part of the Start Up initiative by the Banca Intesa Saopaolo with an aim to provide an opportunity for early-stage companies to receive a training and present their case to investors, consultant and representatives from the end user companies that would help them to further grow their business. To find out more, please follow the link: http://www.startupinitiative.com/en/index.html

December 6, 2010

Technology World & UK NanoForum 2010

The Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd would be attending the UK NanoForum 2010 on 7 December 2010 ExCeL centre in London and it is inviting potential partners interested in collaboration to meet at the event directly or through the One2One partnering meetings at the conference:


 The Technology World in partnership with UK NanoForum is hosting a world class Conference Programme on 7 and 8  December 2010 ExCeL centre in London. Technology World in partnership with UK NanoForum is UKTI’s premier science and technology event; every component of the event programme has been carefully formulated to provide the best possible environment for UK businesses to promote their capabilities to overseas investors. The Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willetts, will be attending the Gala Dinner on Tuesday 7 December 2010 to deliver the keynote speech.

November 21, 2010

Radio Interview with Dr Bojan Boskovic

The Business Hub Show – Star Radio Cambridge

The Business Hub Show with Mark & Ian at the Start Radio in Cambridge on 21st November 2010 started with Viv Starkiss from Business Link East telling more about the Global Enterprise Week, and giving an introduction of the people behind the case studies that the Business Link helped.  The first is Philippa Pearson with her horticultural business. Next up is Danielle Bruce, mother of 2 and keen advocate of First aid who set up her company ABC Life Support. Then it’s Stephen Hembling of Deben Diagnostics Ltd. The final 15 minutes interview is with Dr Bojan Boskovic of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd starting after 50 minutes of the show (50:05 – 1:04:50).

Interview with Dr Bojan Boskovic of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd:

  • Explanation of nano-materials
  • Background to Dr Bojan Boskovic’s career
    • Studied his PhD in Nano Materials at the University of Surrey
    • Senior Specialist – Morgan Crucible PLC, Worcestershire
    • Research Associate – University of Cambridge
    • Principal Engineer – Dunlop Aerospace Breaking Systems in Coventry
    • R&D Manager – Nanocyl in Belgium
  • Many projects in electronics, aerospace and bio-nano technology
  • How Bojan decided to start his business
  • Need to get out of your comfort-zone
  • Was approached by a client to work as a consultant – the business was born
  • Created a great work-life balance
  • Being proactive versus reactive
  • Researching the landscape around the customers product
  • Guiding the customer to think about their approach
  • Background to working in nano materials research
  • How Bojan finds new clients
  • Regularly invited to speak at nano technology conferences
  • Extensive experience in academic and commercial industry helps to get new business
  • Business Link has been an enormous help to open doors in new technologies
  • Bojan shares his three “Nano” Pearls of Wisdom
  • Bojan is asked to explain how to make Nano Paper!

To learn more about The Business Hub Show by Mark & Ian at the Star Radio in Cambridge and to download and listen the show please follow the link:


RusNanoTech Forum 2010

The UK NanoMission to Russia was organised by the International NanoMicroClub as a join initiative between the Institute of Nanotechnology and the Nanotechnology KTN funded by The Technology Strategy Board of the UK Government. Dr Bojan Boskovic from the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd has been awarded a travel grant and has attended the RusNanoTech Forum 2010 as a part of the UK NanoMission to Russia 2010. The call for grant applications for the UK SEMs to attend the RusNanoTech Forum 2010 as a part of the UK NanoMission has been announced in August 2010:


The RUSNANOTECH Forum serves as a global platform for scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, financial experts, and public officials from federal and regional government agencies for the discussion of issues related to innovation development and ongoing formation of the nanotech industry. In 2009, more than 11,000 people from 78 RF regions and 38 countries around the world took part in Forum activities. The Forum exhibition featured the presentation of exhibits, projects and innovations by 340 companies. At the various sections offered under the Forum Science & Technology and Business Programs, expo visitors can gain information on promising nanotech research, and, more importantly, receive a roadmap to its successful commercialization, effective investment generation, and the creation of market demand for nanotech products. Rusnanotech Forum Fund for the Nanotechnology Development (Rusnanotech Forum Fund) was established on January 26, 2010. The Fund activity is focused on nanoindustry development in Russia and nanotechnologies and innovations popularization worldwide. According to the resolution of the RUSNANO Supervisory Council and Board of Directors, the organization of the annual Nanotechnology International Forum RUSNANOTECH is assigned to Rusnanotech Forum Fund. The 3rd Nanotechnology International Forum RUSNANOTECH 2010 has been held at the Moscow Expocentre November 1–3, 2010. The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has opened the RUSNANOTECH 2009 and given a speech at the RUSNANOTECH 2010 plenary session. For more information about the RUSNANOTECH Forum plese follow the link:


Stuttgart NanoDays 2010

The Stuttgart NanoDays 2010 conference has been held in Stuttgart from 27 to 28 September 2010. Dr Bojan Boskovic from Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology has given a presentation as an invited speaker at the conference.

The conference scope covers four focus sessions: carbon nanotube actuators, transparent conductive films, lightweight materials and advanced composites:

Nano Carbon Materials

Carbon nanomaterials are major keystones of modern nanoscience, starting from fullerenes discovered in 1985, through carbon nanotubes (1991), and ending at the recent discovery from 2004 – graphene, a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms. The field of graphene-related research has grown at a spectacular pace since single-layer flakes were first isolated. What began as an exciting material for fundamental physics has now become the focus of efforts by scientists in a wide range of disciplines. Materials scientists are busily working on new synthesis routes, while engineers are designing novel devices to exploit graphene’s extraordinary properties. In light of such collaborations, it is difficult to believe that the future for graphene is anything but bright.

Low Voltage Actuators

Since the original pioneering work in carbon nanotube actuators several years ago, major strides have been made in our understanding of the processes involved in nanotube actuation. Today, the field is quickly filling the gap between demonstration and application. This session will give today’s perspective of the challenges faced by commercialization of nanotube-based actuators and where they may play a role within the marketplace.

Lightweight Materials

In industries such as aircraft and automotive, breakthrough technologies in high-strength, lightweight materials will result in fuel efficiency, a lower carbon footprint and carbon dioxide emission. A novel new approach to metal matrix materials with higher mechanical, tensile strength and higher thermal conductivity involves using carbon nanotubes incorporated directly into metal structures. This session will address the advances in this field and the potential for realizing meaningful improvements to structural material properties.

Flexible Electronics

Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) currently provide the only available approach to flexible organic optoelectronic devices such as polymer photovoltaics, organic light emitting diodes, and transparent transistors for head-up display technologies. TCOs face many challenges including rapidly increasing costs, poor adherence to plastic substrates and significant near-infrared absorption. Recent advances in the transparency and conductivity of heterogeneous carbon nanotube films make them an excellent alternative material for TCOs. This session will present the carbon nanotube qualities that outperform TCOs in the context of synthesis and processing.

Please follow the link to the Stuttgart NanoDays 2010 programme for more information:


Carbon Nanomaterials for Cleaner Environment

Nanotechnology for CO2 Reduction – Online meeting – 21 October 2010

With the introduction of new policies and regulations for the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere many companies are seeking new and emerging technologies. The challenge they face will be to adapt for the changing climate, but also manage these changes economically.  This webinar will discuss technologies for CO2 reduction and offer insights into how business can gain value in adopting new technologies early. 


Dr Bojan O Boskovic – Director, Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd
 “Carbon Nanomaterials for a Cleaner Environment”

Dr Jeff Hardy – Future and Emerging Opportunities, Energy Generation and Supply KTN
 “Natural and Manmade Methods for Carbon Capture”

To learn more about the Nanotechnology for CO2 Reduction online meeting on 21 October 201 organised by the Institute of Nanotechnology please follow the link on The Technology Strategy Board website:


To download the abstract of the Carbon Nanomaterials for Cleaner Environment presentation by Dr Bojan Boskovic from the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd please click here:


Testimonials: Vendum Batteries, Inc

Dr Bojan Boskovic from Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology has been appointed as Non-Executive Advisor to the Vendum Batteries, Inc Management Team. As an advisor Dr Boskovic is helping the Vendum Batteries to commercialise the carbon nano-paper battery technology.

Please follow the link to the Vendum Batteries website to read about this and get more information about the company:


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