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Carbon nanofibres grown at room temperature (B.O.Boskovic et al, Nature Materials 2, 2002, 165)

The Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd is a consultancy company founded in 2009 that operates through constantly expanding network of consultants from industry and academia around the World that could provide nanomaterial solutions and an expert advice.  We also have a team of key collaborators that could provide supporting services such as IP, market research and marketing advice. Our mission is to deliver to our customers world-class innovative solutions for development of nanomaterials based products.

Dr Bojan Boskovic

Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Dr Bojan Boskovic is a founder of the company with extensive experience in nanomaterials technology R&D project and team management from industry and academia in the UK and Europe. He is a materials scientist and engineer with hands-on expertise in carbon nanomaterials and composites and extensive network of contacts in the field. Previously, he worked as a CNT R&D Manager at Nanocyl, one of leading carbon nanotube manufacturing companies in Europe. At Nanocyl he was leading a team of researches and scientist in carbon nanomaterials applications ranging from polymer composites to electronic and bio-medical applications. He was also a Principal Engineer-Carbon Scientist at Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, where he was leading R&D project to develop new aircraft brakes based on carbon nano-materials. He worked as a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge on carbon nanotube synthesis and on carbon nanotube – carbon fibre epoxy composites for aerospace applications. Before coming to Cambridge he was a Senior Specialist at The Morgan Crucible PLC where he invented method for in situ growth of carbon nanotubes within carbon fibre cloth that he later utilised at Meggitt for aircraft brake discs carbon-carbon composite materials. During his PhD at the University of Surrey he invented low temperature carbon nanofibre synthesis method using PECVD. This research was granted a patent, published in Nature Materials and utilised by CNT synthesis equipment manufacturer Surrey Nano Systems. He is a board member of the British Composites Society and as a member of the Steering and Review Group for the Mini-IGT in Nanotechnology he contributed to the first UK Government nanotechnology strategy document.


Collaborators and Advisors


Dr Jelena Aleksic

Senior Business Development and Innovation Consultant

Dr Jelena Aleksic has extensive project management, R&D and teaching experience. She worked in many different industries including renewable energies, construction and social media. While she was working as a scientific associate at the University of Applied Sciences in Stralsund, Germany she taught subjects Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics and Mathematics. During her PhD in fluid mechanics related to crystal growth at the University of Rostock, Germany, she developed a new temperature measurement method for fluids based on thermochromic liquid crystals (TLC). Her thesis was awarded with the first prize at the South-eastern Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in Orlando, FL, USA. She organised scientific conferences and edited an internationally published science magazine. After moving to Spain, Jelena worked for LK Consultants in Gibraltar as consultant, site manager and quality control engineer on a £ 12 million luxury apartment project. In European Energy Project Consultancy in Benalmadena, Spain, she evaluated renewable energy investment projects and analyzed market trends. She has wide knowledge in social media strategies and online marketing planning. Jelena is also fluent German and Spanish.

Gordon Skaljak

Senior Marketing and Business Development Consultant

Gordon Skaljak has over 15 years of experience specialising in B2B marketing, PR, management and business strategy development in the UK and Europe. He worked in several different industries including financial services, business information, credit risk management and marketing of financial technology solutions. Having graduated with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Gordon then obtained an MBA in Marketing from Aston University. He worked as a consultant offering advice and support in the areas of marketing, market development, digital media and PR. More recently, he worked on various research and consulting projects in collaboration with the IOM (international organization for migration with headquarters in Geneva), SCC and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. Topics covered included FP7 funds and grants, Horizon 2020, European funding programmes and other sources of project finance, partnership research database, calls for proposals, networking and calls for tenders.


Howard Jones

Senior Advisor

Howard Jones has over 35 years experience of technology and business development within the materials and engineering sectors, gained initially as a Group and Programme Leader within an engineering group central research environment followed by 20 years as Managing Consultant within Sagentia, a Cambridge based technology and business consultancy, responsible for selling and operating assignments in Europe, North and South America.

Howard’s original background is in Applied Mathematics, gaining a 1st Class Honours from Nottingham University. Subsequent research at Cambridge University on deformation theory led him into materials processing, and later into materials development. He has a track record of innovation, having invented a process for the manufacture of aero-engine components that now has revenues in excess of $100m/year and which received the Queens Award for Technology.

Howard works with materials companies, including suppliers of metals, polymers, composites, pulp and paper, to identify and develop new opportunities across many sectors, from transport and oil & gas through to hygiene and FMCG. Equally, he works further downstream for component suppliers and OEMs on product and process development.

His past client list includes large corporates, such as Codelco, VW Group, Sandvik, DuPont, Metso Corporation and Unilever, public sector agencies such as the European Commission, UK Technology Strategy Board and US Airforce, through to SMEs and universities wishing to exploit novel technologies.

Dr Vijay Kanuru

Business Development and Innovation Consultant – Director for India Operations

Vijay Kanuru is a materials nanotechnologist specialised in consulting services in nanomaterials synthesis and the surface chemistry of nanostructured interfaces, which has profound implications in improving the catalytic performance of the material, nano medicine, renewable energy conversion, storage and various other range of value added products. Currently he is a scientific advisor and consultant for few small and medium scale chemical industries in India on new nanocomposite products development and carbon emission reduction strategies. He facilitates entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to establish nanotech start-ups and provides strategic consulting to industry bodies, academia and policy makers to create a conducive atmosphere for the growth of nanotech in India. His core expertise lies in the nanomaterials synthesis, their characterization by both conventional and state of the art synchrotron X-ray techniques and elucidating their reactive mechanisms. In addition he has substantial experience in the evaluation of diverse range of nanostructured materials such as metals, metal oxides, alloys and carbon composites that are used for solar energy conversion and storage applications. During his research at Cornell he developed a simple and room temperature method for the production of high definition and strictly mono dispersed iron and cobalt oxide nanowires. He is the recipient of Gates Cambridge and DAAD scholarships and recognized with an Young Scientist Award from the International Associations of Catalytic Societies (IACS), Lowry prize for his doctoral research at Cambridge and currently a board of director on the Gates Cambridge Alumni Association. Dr. Vijay Kanuru holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK, postdoctoral studies at the Energy Materials Centre, Cornell University USA and also a certified professional on “renewable energy conversion and storage” from Stanford University, USA.

Luisa Milic

Market Research and Strategy Consultant

Luisa Milic is a is founder and director of the Ideya Business and Marketing Consultancy Ltd in Cambridge, UK specialised in consulting services in the area of market research and analysis, preparation of business plans and business models, and strategic planning. Luisa has 17 years of international experience, working 11 years at KPMG LLP Market Research in the USA and leading the Ideya consultancy in Europe for 6 years. Luisa works on innovative business and market strategies with clients across industry sectors including manufacturing, retail and consumer goods, tourism, and information technology. She also engages with organizations in the education sector and public services and collaborates with other consultancies. In Europe she has developed a network of collaborators from FP6 and FP7 EU projects and develops business strategies for the commercialization of the resulting technical and scientific solutions. Luisa gives seminars on market research methods and conducts workshops on strategic planning in the public and private sector. Luisa holds Master Degree at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (US) at Heinz School of Policy Analysis and Management (May 1992).

Del Stark

Business Development Consultant

Del Stark has over 15 years of experience in many areas of advanced technology including nanotechnology, smart materials, clean tech, green chemistry and sustainable manufacturing. Currently Del is now the CEO of Del Stark Technology Solutions, a company formed in 2011 to assist innovative and technically driven companies. Previously, Del worked as a Business Development Manager at the Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) for ten years from 2001 to 2011 where he helped development of a range nanotechnology innovation projects. Del was appointed the CEO of the European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance (ENTA) from 2005-2008, a spin-off of the IoN developed to act as a body to represents the interests of its members, mainly nanotechnology businesses, across Europe. ENTA had over 50 members, all with a business interest in nanotechnology. Previous roles include Science Communicator at Glasgow University Science Technology Outreach Programme. Between 1997 2000, Del was Marketing Business Development Co-ordinator with the Centre for Particle Characterisation Analysis (CPCA) at the University of Paisley, before moving to Glasgow Science Centre as Business Motivation Executive. Del is a BSc Hons graduate in two degrees (Chemistry and Mathematics) from Regis University, Denver.

Fraser Cottington

Business Development Consultant

Fraser Cottington has more than 20 years of experience in sales and new business development. Most recently he has been working as a CEO to Vendum Batteries Ltd and taken the company through a reverse takeover (RTO) to form Vendum Batteries Inc, where he completed on time regulatory 10Q and 10K filings to ensure the company complies with US SEC laws and maintains its OTC Bulletin Board public trading status. He worked closely with corporate investors and was successful in preparing a business plan to attract a $5 million investment agreement with an institutional investor. As a CEO he formed a highly qualified Technical Advisory Board from leading experts and established collaborative partnerships stretching across the UK to the West Coast of America with an aim to develop carbon nanotube and cellulose batteries and supercapacitors. Previously he work for Siemens on selling communications, IT Security and Information Security solutions, services, training and consultancy into numerous vertical markets, including local & Central Government, MOD and Healthcare, as well as insurance and banking sectors.

Luis Miguel Pazos

Nanotechnology Innovation Consultant & Nano-doctoral Training Center PhD student at University of Cambridge.

Luis Miguel Pazos is currently undertaking PhD studies at the Nano-Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Cambridge.  This program consists of a 1+3 years of PhD in which the students take a first year in the Master’s Programme in Micro- & Nanotechnology Enterprise, followed
of a 3-year interdisciplinary PhD between Nanotechnology focused groups. During this first year he is also following the Management of Technology and Innovation programme at the Cambridge Judge Business School. Previously, he has undertaken several research projects: from academia at the University of Bristol in a project for developing Nuclear Weapon detectors for the Ministry of Defense, to industry at the research department of Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd, based at the University of Oxford, for improving the reliability of organic photovoltaic devices. He is currently in charge of developing international collaborations of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd. with Brazilian and Mexican Companies.

Mette Smedegaard Andersen

Nanotechnology Innovation Consultant & Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise MPhil student at University of Cambridge

Mette Smedegaard Andersen is currently studying her master’s (MPhil) degree at University of Cambridge, UK, in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise, with a focus on carbon nanomaterials for use in the construction industry. She holds a BA in Chemistry and Physics from Harvard University, where she worked in nanomaterials with Prof. Hongkun Park, interfacing silicon nanowires with cells for trans-membrane delivery of biomolecules. Following graduation, she worked first on irrigation systems and improved farming practices in Ghana, and then with BASF in Singapore conducting research on quantum dots for use in semiconductors, before coming to Cambridge to resume her studies. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, she grew up also in Spain, Germany and Switzerland, and speaks fluent Danish, English and German.

Amir Fakeeh

Nanotechnology Innovation Consultant & Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise MPhil student at University of Cambridge

Amir Fakeeh is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise, which combines the cutting edge advancements in Nanotechnology, MEMS devices as well as the novel and effective innovation management practices for the technology sector.  The course is delivered by the leading Cambridge scientists together with the successful business academics and entrepreneurs. Amir’s business project is co-supervised by Dr Bojan Boskovic from Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology, and is on the topic of Carbon Nanomaterials and their use in Metal Industry. In addition Amir is an associate consultant of the company. He has previously obtained a First Class Honours from Imperial College London in Materials Science and Engineering. Amir has also studied computer chip design and manufacturing in Harvard University and has 2 years of work experience in FMCG sector. He is fluent in 4 languages, including Russian, Arabic and Romanian.

Olivier Fontaine

Consultant in Nanomedicine & MSc Nanomedicine student at Cranfield University – Assistant of operations in French speking areas

Olivier Fontaine is trained as a multidisciplinary engineer at Ecole Centrale de Lille (France) and he is currently finalising his MSc in Nanomedicine thesis at the Cranfield University (UK) related to nanomedicine commercialisation. His thesis work is co-supervised by Dr Bojan Boskovic from Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd and he is also assciaited with the company as a consultant. During his MSc in Nanomedicine course and in the thesis preparation process Olivier has gained advanced knowledge, skills and practical experience of the principles, technology and applications within this exciting area including identifying key trends, drivers and players in the supply chain of nanomedicine. He was involved in organisation of the NanoM 2012 conference (Application of Nanotechnologiues and Nanomaterials in Medicine) in May 2012 in Cambridge and he is also acting as a first point of contact in French speaking areas regarding our services.

Dr Alfred Chuang

Nanoelectronics Consultant

Dr Alfred Chuang is a principal engineer at the nanotechnology laboratory of a leading memory manufacturer in the Far East. He led advanced memory exploratory projects evaluating new phase change materials and transition metal oxide materials for the next generation of non-volatile memories. He is now involved in the research and development of 3D memory ICs. Dr. Chuang’s doctoral research was on plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition of single-walled carbon nanotubes. He devised a new remote plasma-enhanced CVD system for synthesis of millimeter-thick carpet of high quality self-aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes. He also invented a fast synthesis method for carbon nanowalls, which are essentially thin sheets of graphene multilayers. Dr. Chuang’s recent entrepreneurial effort is an internet marketing and software start-up capitalizing on the growing popularity of Apple’s iOS devices. Dr. Chuang received his PhD. in engineering from Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, and his B.Sc. in engineering from Harvey Mudd College, California, and equivalent of B.A. in economics from Claremont McKenna College, California.

Dr Anka Trajkovska Petkoska

Polymer Composites Consultant

Anka Trajkovska Petkoska is an Assistant Professor and Vice Dean of Education at the Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences, University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. She holds PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of polymers and polymer blends, their structure-processing-properties relationship, novel advanced materials based on polymers and their composites for different applications. She is an expert in the field of modification material’s properties by doping with variety of micro- and nano-dopants towards their targeted application. Anka also works on surface engineering/modification of different types of materials (polymers, glass, ceramic, composites), thin film coatings, tailored multi-functional, optical, self-cleaning and nano- coatings, etc…During her PhD studies at University of Rochester, she gained experience and expertise in the field of liquid crystalline materials. She invented a method of shaping polymer liquid crystal materials as well as their modification towards novel micro- and nano-composites for optical, photonic and electronic applications.

Dr Laurence Bryce

Carbon Materials Strategy Consultant

Dr Laurence Bryce has more than 40 years of experience in R&D and commercialisation of carbon materials in Europe and US. He was CTO of the Morgan Crucible Plc, a large multinational company responsible for successful development of their carbon based products. He introduced potential of carbon nanomaterials to the company more than ten years ago and he as one of the pioneers in development of the carbon based electrodes.

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