November 21, 2010

Carbon Nanomaterials for Cleaner Environment

Nanotechnology for CO2 Reduction – Online meeting – 21 October 2010

With the introduction of new policies and regulations for the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere many companies are seeking new and emerging technologies. The challenge they face will be to adapt for the changing climate, but also manage these changes economically.  This webinar will discuss technologies for CO2 reduction and offer insights into how business can gain value in adopting new technologies early. 


Dr Bojan O Boskovic – Director, Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd
 “Carbon Nanomaterials for a Cleaner Environment”

Dr Jeff Hardy – Future and Emerging Opportunities, Energy Generation and Supply KTN
 “Natural and Manmade Methods for Carbon Capture”

To learn more about the Nanotechnology for CO2 Reduction online meeting on 21 October 201 organised by the Institute of Nanotechnology please follow the link on The Technology Strategy Board website:

To download the abstract of the Carbon Nanomaterials for Cleaner Environment presentation by Dr Bojan Boskovic from the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd please click here:

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