November 21, 2010

Radio Interview with Dr Bojan Boskovic

The Business Hub Show – Star Radio Cambridge

The Business Hub Show with Mark & Ian at the Start Radio in Cambridge on 21st November 2010 started with Viv Starkiss from Business Link East telling more about the Global Enterprise Week, and giving an introduction of the people behind the case studies that the Business Link helped.  The first is Philippa Pearson with her horticultural business. Next up is Danielle Bruce, mother of 2 and keen advocate of First aid who set up her company ABC Life Support. Then it’s Stephen Hembling of Deben Diagnostics Ltd. The final 15 minutes interview is with Dr Bojan Boskovic of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd starting after 50 minutes of the show (50:05 – 1:04:50).

Interview with Dr Bojan Boskovic of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd:

  • Explanation of nano-materials
  • Background to Dr Bojan Boskovic’s career
    • Studied his PhD in Nano Materials at the University of Surrey
    • Senior Specialist – Morgan Crucible PLC, Worcestershire
    • Research Associate – University of Cambridge
    • Principal Engineer – Dunlop Aerospace Breaking Systems in Coventry
    • R&D Manager – Nanocyl in Belgium
  • Many projects in electronics, aerospace and bio-nano technology
  • How Bojan decided to start his business
  • Need to get out of your comfort-zone
  • Was approached by a client to work as a consultant – the business was born
  • Created a great work-life balance
  • Being proactive versus reactive
  • Researching the landscape around the customers product
  • Guiding the customer to think about their approach
  • Background to working in nano materials research
  • How Bojan finds new clients
  • Regularly invited to speak at nano technology conferences
  • Extensive experience in academic and commercial industry helps to get new business
  • Business Link has been an enormous help to open doors in new technologies
  • Bojan shares his three “Nano” Pearls of Wisdom
  • Bojan is asked to explain how to make Nano Paper!

To learn more about The Business Hub Show by Mark & Ian at the Star Radio in Cambridge and to download and listen the show please follow the link:

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