This directory is a companion to the report, EN-103: Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Energy and Related Nanotechnology – A Global Industry and Market Analysis.

As noted in the report, more than 3,870 organizations are involved in fuel cell technology, hydrogen as an energy source and related nanotechnology.  Of those, more than 2,180 organizations are involved in nanotechnology related to fuel cells and hydrogen energy and will spend a total of $4.7 billion for fuel cells and hydrogen energy incorporating nanotechnology. Of that $4.7 billion, about $2 billion in 2008 expenditures, or 24% of the total spending, represents the value of nanotechnology for fuel cells and hydrogen energy separate from all other expenditures.

This directory provides profiles of more than 800 companies, government organizations and universities involved in commercializing fuel cells, hydrogen energy and related nanotechnology. The information is drawn from their websites, press releases, media stories, annual reports, conference presentations, filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and reports to the U.S. Department of Energy and other Federal agencies, as well as reports to various U.S. states and reports to various agencies in European and Asian governments. Some profiles are the result of foreign language translations of public information.  Languages from which some profiles were translated include French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 

The companies and organizations profiled were selected for their leadership positions in sales and technology related to fuel cells, hydrogen energy and related nanotechnology, as well as those companies that are major material providers to the fuel cell industry. Companies and organizations were also chosen for their nanotechnology contributions to the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industries.

The directory is divided into four broad sections.  The first section covers companies primarily involved in proton exchange fuel cells (PEMFC), direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) and other low temperature fuel cells.  The second section covers high temperature fuel cell companies involved in solid oxide fuel cells, molten carbonate fuel cells and phosphoric acid fuel cells.  The third section provides profiles of companies involved in providing hydrogen and other fuels for fuel cells.  The fourth section covers other companies such as those that provide the balance of plant apparatus and materials. This section is the smallest, as the focus is on those companies with involvement in both nanotechnology for fuel cells and hydrogen energy. 

Within each section, the companies are arranged in alphabetical order, with a brief subtitle following the company or organization name to provide, at a glance, the chief activity with regard to fuel cells, hydrogen energy and related nanotechnology.  Organization addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email contact and Websites are provided for most of the companies.



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Report No: EN-104       Published: June 2009   570 pages  

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