IP Analysis and Strategies

  • Advice and support related to development of Intellectual Property (IP) – due diligence, invention and protection.
  • Reviewing competitor IP and strategy how to overcome competitors
  • Identified IP related risks and opportunities on the market
  • Conducting prior art searches and identifying opportunities for IP development
  • Identifying strengths/weaknesses of existing patent portfolio
  • IP training and IP brainstorming event management
  • Investor support and custom made IP reports
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly IP status reports

Our expert consultants are in position to provide in depth IP analysis and strategy that are far beyond simple IP landscaping:

  • Managing large global IP portfolios, proactively offering added commercial value in a cost effective manner.
  • Assessing key technologies and using creative solutions by merger with key holder patents for use in blocking competitors; identifying and distinguishing existing and potential IP, in particular drafting strategic patents to obtain maximum protection and value, namely finding ways to circumvent patents to bring products to market; reviewing competitor IP to block competitors; conducting prior art searches; identifying strengths/weaknesses of existing patent portfolios, namely devising/executing strategies to overcome weaknesses and accessing how susceptible patents are to opposition/revocation.
  • Conducting all aspects of patent prosecution and portfolio management,  in particular implementing strategy for international patent portfolio in a cost-effective manner providing ongoing cost estimates in view of saving money.
  • Performing clearance searches for new product ranges and recommendations for re-design with regard to the product ranges not infringing any third party IP rights with a risk assessment.
  • Drafting infringement/validity opinions with risk analysis for proceeding with commercialisation.
  • Providing patentability assessments for new inventions including conducting searches, reviewing test results, coordinating with inventors and drafting new patent applications, particularly with regard to the UK patent practice.
  • Managing large IP portfolios and acting closely as a hands on “virtual” in-house IP officer to maximise efficiency and costs which work involved training staff, assisting with invention spotting and periodic reviews of IP strategy and budgets. With over hundred patents filed around the world, I worked to reduce patenting expenditure that had increased out of control while maintaining a portfolio that was in line with its business objectives and in this regard to generally ramp up IP activity and patent filings in key areas, in view of a potential IPO. Moreover, I identified gaps in the patent portfolio and possibilities for future filings, along with the relevance of the portfolio in order to manage spending, and what other types of IP might be beneficial. I conducted a general review of competitors in the market, proposed a strategy for dealing with the competitors and identified risks and opportunities from other market players. It was critical to understand the concerns of investors and provide periodic IP status reports to tailor existing and potential IP to make it an asset worthy of investment

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