March 17, 2012

Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium to launch in Cambridge


The first Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium (NCEM-1) will launch at Downing College, Cambridge on 19th May 2012. The mission of the consortium is to facilitate the commercial uptake of technologies based on nano-carbon materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes.

Members of the consortium include: University of Cambridge (UK); Nokia Research Centre (UK); ST Microelectronics (Switzerland); International Copper Association(USA); Nexans (France); Bosch (Germany); Oxford Instruments (UK) and Codelco (Chile).

The consortium is organized by the Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI) and will be facilitated by Dr. Bojan Boskovic, an international expert in nano-carbon technologies.

Dr. Peter Hewkin, chief executive of CfBI tells us “the consortium arises from shared interests amongst member organisations to work together on certain aspects of commercialisation while keeping other parts of their work and IP separate. The NCEM-1 work programme is driven by its member organisations from around the world and designed to address key aspects of commercialisation of the fast moving nano-carbon technologies”.

Dr. Bojan Boskovic adds “exiting potential and fast moving development of many applications using carbon nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and graphene created urgent need to address issues such as supply chain regulation, material standardisation, health and safety and scenarios for uptake before full potential these nanotechnologies can be realised.”

The NCEM-1 consortium will meet at centres of excellence across Europe in the coming year starting with the first meeting hosted by the University of Cambridge. For further information please contact:

About Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI): founded in 2009 in Cambridge UK, this organisation manages consortia around fast moving areas of business process or technology such as: Microfluidics; Open Innovation and Inclusive Design. For more information visit

About the NCEM-1 consortium: The consortium is funded and guided by its members who come from all positions along the nano-carbon supply chain and bring perspective of different applications of carbon nanomaterials including: novel electronic devices; light weight and self-diagnosing structural materials, novel composite nano-carbon based polymer, metal and ceramic nanomaterials and “super copper”. For more information visit

Read about the NCEM-1 launch at the Cambridge Network website:

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