December 26, 2011

Nano Enhancers for Plastics 2012

The Nano Enhancers for Plastics 2012 conference will be on 20-21 March 2012 in Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels, Belgium. Dr Bojan Boskovic from Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology is giving a presentation on Enhancing plastic using carbon nanomaterials on Day 2 of the conference.

Enhancing plastic using carbon nanomaterials

  • In a past decade a fast pace of carbon nanotube commercialisation has seen all major manufacturers scaling up their production facilities from kilograms to hundreds of tonnes per  year with a number of applications constantly expanding.
  • It is predicted that the commercialisation of graphene might follow the same route as carbon nanotubes in the coming decade.
  • One of the main markets for carbon nanotubes have been their use as enhancers in plastic materials to improve electrical, mechanical and thermal properties and to add functionality and provide sensing ability.
  • The carbon nanotube commercialisation route from the pioneering research results and the first patents to the first applications and the scale-up will be presented with the special focus on application in enhancing plastic materials. The history of the carbon nanotube manufacturing scale-up together with the key manufactures and their position on the market will be discussed.
  • Similarities and differences between carbon nanotube and graphene production process and application in enhancing plastic materials will be also discussed with the aim to make possible predictions about graphene manufacturing scale-up and application in the future.

The Nano Enhancers for Plastics 2012 conference is one of the leading events in 2012 that brings together leaders from industry to talk about use of nanomaterials to enhance plastic properties and speakers from companies and institutions such as Nokia, Bayer, US Army Research Labs, and Institute of Nanotechnology among others.

Please follow the link to the conference programme for Day 2 and abstract of Dr Bojan Boskovic’s talk:

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