July 31, 2011


Dr Bojan Boskovic from the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (CNT Ltd) has given an invited talk on Commercialisation of carbon nanotubes and graphene at the Nanoentrepreneurs in East Anglia event on 11 May 2011 at the Hauser Forum in Cambridge, UK.

In a past decade a fast pace of carbon nanotube commercialisation has seen all major manufacturers scaling up their production facilities from kilograms to hundreds of tonnes per year with a number of applications constantly expanding. It is predicted that the commercialisation of graphene might follow the same route in the coming decade. The Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology through its network of associated experts is offering consulting advice and support for the government institutions, universities and companies related to all technical, IP and market related issues in the process of carbon nanomaterials commercialisation.

Taking research past development and into real cash revenues is not an easy exercise with many potential pitfalls and opportunities that present themselves to the entrepreneur and no one route to secure expanding wealth. Cambridge and its surroundings are known as one of the most innovative regions in the world and studies have shown that geographical clusters of the innovation actors such as small and medium companies, investors, intellectual property experts, technology exploitation services and mass manufacturers are crucial elements if real returns are to be made from public funded investments in the long term.

The NanoKTN, in partnership with the FP7 NanoCom project*, is convening its regular regional workshop of the NanoEntreprenuers focus group seminar at The Hauser Forum in Cambridge with the aim of fostering links and growing business opportunities to this important global hub of innovation.

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