Case Study: Carbon nanomaterials in structural applications for automotive industry

The Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd also recently helped a large multinational German company to realise potential of carbon nanomaterials for structural automotive applications and in further development of their products in order to secure future leadership position. We provided them with the IP landscape for their products, technologies, process and competitors as a tool for successful IP brainstorming section and R&D strategy development.

After defining the scope, Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology prepared technology landscape report that included publicly available information such as patents and press releases and analysed position of competitors, suppliers and customers regarding use of carbon nanomaterials for structural automotive applications. This report was distributed to a team of company representatives selected from various parts of the company such as R&D, managements, IP support as a preparation for the strategy brainstorm meeting.

The strategy brainstorm meeting was facilitate by Dr Bojan Boskovic from CNT Ltd and included a team of selected company representative with technical, IP and management experience allowing multidimensional aspect to development of the R&D strategy. Information collected at the brainstorm meeting was formulated into the feedback report contributing directly to the company R&D strategy directions.

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